At Post Offices This Summer, It’s Hurry Up and Wait
Aaron Wilson
Long lines and a backlog of packages have been the main story at Island post offices this summer, as postal workers scramble to keep up with unprecedented demand.
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Post Offices Expand Package Pick-up Hours
Beginning this weekend, Island post offices will offer expanded weekend hours for customers to pick up packages.
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Post Office Burned
Vineyard Gazette
On Sunday night the Postoffice building at West Tisbury was burned to the ground. The fire was caused by an overheated chimney in an ell of the main building, Mr. James P. West and family occupying this tenement. Mrs. P. L. Cleveland occupied another part of the building, while the postoffice was on the lower floor. All the government property of the value was saved. Mrs. Cleveland wishes to thank all the kind neighbors and friends who so bravely assisted her at the time of the fire, and she assures them their efforts are greatly appreciated.
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Post Offices Are Swamped; Customers Wait
Holly Pretsky and Landry Harlan

With long lines and delayed mail deliveries, Island post offices have been a scene of frustration this summer.

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For Postmaster Paul Leonard It Has Always Been Priority Service
On Friday, June 1 Paul Leonard retired after 25 years as the Oak Bluffs postmaster. He began his career in Vineyard Haven 35 years ago.
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Edgartown Post Office Has Surprise Delayed Opening
Holly Pretsky
here was a great deal of confusion at the Edgartown Post Office Tuesday morning, where the service windows did not open until after 11:15 a.m.
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New West Tisbury Postmaster Found Refuge on the Island, and Career at the Post Office
Megan Cerullo

Forced out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, John Hirt and his wife sought refuge with family on Martha's Vineyard. Ten years later, Mr. Hirt, the new West Tisbury postmaster, is still calling the Vineyard home.

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Vineyard Inside Out: Where Everyone Knows Your Name, Post Office Delivers Cheer
CK Wolfson

There are daily experiences of Island life, such as being on a first-name basis with just about everyone, that become routine so gently we are hardly aware of their idiosyncratic aspect. We take for granted having to wait in a line of cars while a boat is hauled across the road, or seeing swooping gulls open scallop shells by dropping them on the road in front of us, or knowing that when we get out of a movie at 10 p.m., the only place to go is home. But the cherry on top of this quirky Vineyard confection is our town post offices.

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