The Board of Harbor and Land Commissioners has sent to the legislature its report -for 1902. Regarding improvements completed or contemplated on the Vineyard the board says:

By chapter 399 of the acts of 1901 the board was authorized to expend a sum not exceeding $5,000 for dredging and other work to improve the harbor at Lake Anthony, in Cottage City. In that year the area on both sides of Joy's wharf on the southerly side of the harbor was dredged to the depth of five feet at mean low water, in order to enable the boats using the harbor to have free access to the wharf. At the same time 10 permanent moorings, consisting of large stones, chains and casks, were placed around the harbor, in order to afford safety to yachts during heavy winds, the bottom being so soft that anchors will not hold. The cost of these moorings and the dredging was $2,863.51. During the present year the balance of the appropriation has been expended in enlarging the anchorage area about. 1.3 acres by dredging along the southerly and westerly sides of the harbor for a distance of about 1,100 feet. The material excavated has been placed along the shore opposite the dredged area, making a sharp bank and enabling vessels to tell definitely the limits of the anchorage area. The sanitary condition of the harbor is also benefited by filling in objectionable flats. The cost of this work was $2,123.10. An examination of the channel at the entrance of the harbor disclosed that the sea in heavy weather had driven considerable quantities of sand through the spaces between the large stones of the jetties and shoaled slightly the entrance. In order to prevent this, the spaces have been filled with concrete at an expense of $221.23, and the entrance dredged. No further trouble is anticipated from this cause. The total amount expended for the harbor and entrance to Lake Anthony, up to Dec. 1, 1902, is $26,634.97.

The total amount expended for the improvement of Menemsha Inlet, up to Dec. 1, 1902, is $10,412.75.