Letter to Editor: Brick Industry
Vineyard Gazette
MR. EDITOR: - I have for some years past been a close observer of the facilities of the western part of our Island, for manufacturing brick and pottery, in their various branches. I am fully satisfied that the manufacture of clays, in various ways, can be carried on in that place, at a far greater profit, than else­where. The truth is, that in this section of our island, are found nearly all the varieties of the clays, and are of as good a quality, most of it, much superior to any that can be found within the limits of our state.
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Brickyard Battles

Of all the interesting historical spots on Martha’s Vineyard, none is more picturesque than the Brickyard in Chilmark.

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Open Roads
Vehicular travel is directed toward Manter’s Hill and The Brickyard in old Cape Higgon these days.
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Trustees Take Ownership of Old Brickyard in Chilmark
Olivia Hull

The 18-acre north shore Chilmark property was gifted to the Trustees of Reservations this summer through an estate of the Harris family. The conservation group plans to open the property to the public next year.

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These Walls Can Talk, Chilmark Home Reveals Ancient Drawings
Duncan Caldwell
Every once in a while, a trap door opens and another world of knowledge and experience disappears forever. Or almost. We’ve all seen it happen with the passing of a friend — particularly those friends who have been so curious about their surroundings that they unearthed wonders and made their patch of ground seem as exotic as any place on earth. The Vineyard just lost such a man, Preston Gray Harris, who many of us knew as P.G.
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