On the 2d of the present month occurred the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Capt. and Mrs. William A. Martin, well-known residents of Chappaquiddick. Mrs. Martin was before her marriage Sarah G. Brown, daughter of Abram Brown, and as Sarah Martin has been long and favorably known to our townspeople and also to many of our summer residents.

Capt. Martin has been a paralytic for the past seven years, and is now practically helpless, and for this reason no special celebration of the fiftieth wedding anniversary was made at the time.

Capt. Martin early began a sea-faring life and later was known in shipping circles as a very skillful and capable whaleman. Among his early voyages were those on ships Almira and Europa of Edgartown, and later in the service of Samuel Osborn, Jr. & Son, he sailed as first officer of bark Clarice, and master of whaling schooner Emma Jane, both of Edgartown. His last voyage was in command of Brig Eunice H. Adams, of Edgartown. To those who remember Captain Martin as he appeared some twenty-five years ago, and recall his quick, alert movements and crisp, decisive speech, qualities which went far to make him a successful whaleman, it is  difficult to realize his utter helplessness at the present time, and he has the deep sympathy of all in the community. Capt. and Mrs. Martin will appreciate any congratulation which may be extended by friends here and abroad.