Two of the anthems sung by the Union Chapel choir last Sunday were new arrangements of Harry T. Burleigh’s “Were You There When They Crucified Him” and “Deep River.”  Mr. Burleigh, one of the country’s eminent composers, was present in the congregation. Mr. Burleigh is, as well, a noted baritone whose voice is heard over the radio from the vespers of St. George’s Episcopal Church, New York, where he is a soloist. He is a regular summer visitor to Oak Bluffs.

Herbert Stavely Sammond, organist and choir master of the Marble Collegiate Church, New York, who has substituted at the chapel in the absence of S. Lewis Elmer abroad, has but one Sunday more on the Island as, in his office of chairman of the executive committee, he has to be in Portland, Me., next week to preside at all the meetings of a convention in that city of the National Association of Organists.

Mr. Sammond’s playing has won the appreciation of music lovers and has been on of the pleasantest happenings of the season. Mr. Sammond is conductor of the Morning Choral of Brooklyn, the Flatbush Congregational Church Choral Society and the Flushing Oratorio Society. He is also judge for the National Music League of America and New York Music Week Association.

Mr. Elmer is expected to preside at the organ on September 2nd, at the closing service at the chapel.