The Creative Arts Committee of Oak Bluffs is now featuring a well rounded cultural and social program for all school-age children in the Tivoli Building.

Through the help of specialists vacationing on Island, the following program is available for young members:

Swimming lessons twice a week under the able tutorship of Mrs. Madelon Stent, educational instructor at Columbia University; Mrs. Connie Koefoed, New York city Board of Education instructor; and Bill Julian, well known sportsman from New York.

Art lessons of all types are available through the careful planning of Mrs. Clestine Dorch, art instructor in the Weymouth school system’ Mrs. Malvenia Smith, art instructor and winner of Teacher of the Year Award in Philadelphia; and Mrs. Eugenia Robinson of White Plains, N.Y., a sculptress.

Training in dramatic experience is fast becoming the teenagers’ favorite activity. Credit for this interest belongs to Sasha Hourwich Jr,m drama student at Columbia University, and Ray McIver, veteran actor and drama teacher in Atlanta, Ga.

For Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Basketball techniques are being taught to pre-teens and teenagers by Bobby Jackson, winner of many trophies in basketball.

The creative dance program has become one of the most popular activities with all age groups. This activity is being directed by Miss Claire Haywood, nationally known dance instructor, and Miss Doris Jones, one of the few possessors of a doctorate in ballet.

The program will provide training experience for young adults interested in working with young children. At the present time, Mrs. Harriet Evans, well known dancing teacher from Chicago, is undertaking the role of guiding young assistants to lead square dances.

The following classes are now in the formative stage: Needlework, directed and supervised by Mrs. Virginia Tynes; golf instruction, directed and supervised by Mrs. Edna Cohen; and photography, directed by and supervised by Andy Newton.

Behind the scenes making the daily effort to provide a beneficial program are: Mrs. Genevieve McClane, former director of Menemsha Players; Mrs. Hicks, guidance counselor, New York city Board of Education; Mrs. Alto Murphy, instructor, New York city Board of Education; Mrs. Millie Finley, president of the Cottagers, a civic group of Oak Bluffs; James Hicks, managing editor of the New York Amsterdam News; Mrs. Ann Margetson, artist and poet; Mrs. Doris Preston, tennis specialist;

Mrs. Helene Wareham, instructor, New York city Board of Education; Mrs. Mildred Childs, church leader; Mrs. Lena Powell, business manager for Creative Arts Committee; Mrs. Ethel Lymans, bridge expert; Mrs. Miriam Walker, fashion consultant; Mrs. Olivia Steele, well known civic worker; Dr. Betty King, a physician; Mrs. Gladys Mangum, instructor, New York city Board of Education; Mrs. Helene Branker, well known civic worker; Mrs. Evelyn Heywood, hat designer; and Mrs. Gloria Overton, model.

The following local townspeople have helped the center through various types of contributions: Mary Grossman, manager of Captain’s Table; the Oak Bluffs Firemen’s Civic Association; Brickman’s; Sand and Sea Shop; Grace Episcopal Church in Vineyard Haven; Blakesley-Accorsi Gallery; Munro’s Restaurant; Tony Viera; Frank Crozier; the Wooden Tent; DaRosa Art supplies; Vineyard Gazette; Artist Shop; and Phillips Hardware Store.