What with everyone and his cat about to celebrate the holidays and wanting to be home with their families, John B. Coutinho though this would be a good time to do a little sprucing up on his already pristine dragger. So little Viking was hauled.
Now that she’s out of the water, she looks like something that belongs on a mantelpiece instead of the high seas. An observer suspects that she’s a touch of the vain side, since she seems almost to be posing.
This pert little craft does her fishing in both Vineyard and Nantucket Sounds, working her way to the eastward of Nantucket. Sometimes when the spirit moves her (or that’s where the fish are) she works off Noman’s Land or putt-putts herself through the canal into Cape Cod Bay.
Viking is now on her second owner. Once she belonged to Mr. Coutinho’s father. Also she once had a ghastly experience when she caught fire and blew up, but she was rebuilt and is now as pert and seaworthy as she looks.