With the repairs on the Cedars nearing completion, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rank have arrived at the Inn and will be staying until July 31. Also staying at the Inn are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sagendorph of Pennsylvania who arrived July 16. On July 18 Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Barnhart arrived from Charlottesville, Va. On July 21 came Horace Lamb from New Canaan, Conn.

July 23 Mrs. Isabella Grandin arrives. Also in the Inn or arriving soon will be Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Williams, James Reed of Cambridge, and Mrs. Spencer Ervin of Pennsylvania.

Recently Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Allen of Pennsylvania arrived with Mr. Allen’s sister, Mary Godfrey. They will be staying in the Andresen house.

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Taplin are visiting Mrs. Taplin’s parents, the Hollingsworths, with their daughter Jessica and new son of last January, Joel.

Bobby Stinson and his wife, Louise, from Australia, are staying at the Morison house, which was recently changed to the MacLeod House.

Tommy and Shelia Urmston are staying with his mother, Maude Urmston.

Bobby Conway is up here from Duke in North Carolina for the summer. His brother Billy is taking summer courses at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., and will be visiting on weekends.

Young Edmund Chilton is just back from Deepwoods Hiking Camp in Bravard, N.C., while his sister Cecily, has been lifeguarding at Oak Bluffs town beach.

Hamilton and Ceci Clark, our new group leaders from Connecticut, have just finished their third week. Next September, Ceci will start work with Noble and Greenough School as head of women’s physical education while Hamilton goes to Harvard Graduate School.

Sergio DeChira of Milan, Italy, recently put on an international dinner with food from five nations, in honor of himself.

Mrs. Maude Chilton has once again beautifully arranged the flagpole area with flowers and new benches.

At the beginning of July, most of the Wilbur family was at West Chop, including their Italian guest, Fabio Vitali. But within a few weeks, Mrs. Wilbur had flown out to a ranch in Wyoming with her daughter, Athlene, and all of her grandchildren except Giovana.

Mrs. Ann Crossley, one of the swimming instructors from the Vineyard Haven Health Club, now leads the West Chop swim team. Based at Middle Pier, she runs private and group lessons and the swim team, which will compete with Chappaquiddick, East Chop, and Chilmark.

Our new West Chop tennis pro is year-round resident Court Chilton. Court runs private lessons, clinics for children, and a clinic for women out of the child category. Recently on the courts, which are watered, brushed, and lined by Teddy Conway and Willy Spruance, Court conducted our first tennis match with another club. It was our women against East Chop’s women, and we lost, 5-3. A couple of days later, the children played Chilmark, and beat them 8-7. But then the women lost again, this time to Edgartown, a 3-2 score.

On July 16, the Inn held a chicken barbecue before the sock-hop. The Inn’s chefs prepared many vegetables, salads, and desserts to go with the barbecued chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs for the hundred of more hungry people. After dinner, everyone went over to the Casino, to the sock-hop, which was arranged by the Inn’s staff when the square dance was canceled. Waitresses and chambermaids had decorated the Casino ‘50s style, while the chefs brought over a punch bowl and some things to eat. Everyone danced to ‘50s music like Rock Around the Clock and Chantilly Lace from old records donated by Proctor Smith, a New York teacher, who eventually arrived with a friend named Mark Roth, a Swiss teacher. Procter played the piano while Mark played the guitar, and the two sang ‘50s songs while everyone sang along. Along with the ‘50s decorations and music, people like Teddy Bovey, J.J. McElroy, and the Terry and Randy White group all wore ‘50s costumes complete with ponytails, bobby socks, slicked hair, sunglasses, cigarettes tucked in their sleeves, and “mother” tattoos.