Last Monday, the changing of the months occurred. Along with the month’s changing name, the Chop’s people changed names also. The Herdeg family house on Bug Hill, for instance, changed names with the Sam Bodman family from Wellesley.

There were quite a few other changes. Mr. and Mrs. P. McEvoy Cromwell from Ruxton, Md., are staying in the Jackson house. Also from Ruxton and staying in the Froelicher house are Mr. and Mrs. Cub Harvey,

Staying in the Busselle house, from Perrysburg, Ohio, are Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Coy.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen Dennison from New York city are staying in the J. Fuller house. From Brooklyn are Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Crisman, who are in the Sydna White house.

There are three other families from Massachusetts. Staying in the E. W. Smith house, from Concord, are Mr. and Mrs. Christian G. Halby. From Wellesley, Mr. and Mrs. Justus F. Lowe Jr. are staying in the Peter Cruikshank Jr. house. Staying in the White house are Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sargent from South Natick.

From Chattanooga are Mr. and Mrs. Garrison Elder, who are in the Thomas Urmston guest house.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon Fales Jr. from Miami and Mr. and Mrs. Danforth P. Fales from New Canaan are sharing the Nancy Vaillant house.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Goldsmith are staying in the Watson house. They are from Charleston. W.Va.

In the Campbell house are Mr. and Mrs. W. Brewster Ouackenbush from Baltimore.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Scott from Villa Nova, Pa., are occupying the Michael Buddv house.

Occupying the May house is Mrs. B. Lauriston Hardin Jr. from Washington, D.C.

Staying with the Dietrichs is Derek’s friend, Charlie Adams. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Adams from Simsbury, Conn., are staying in The Cedars.

John Wilbur Jr. arrived for last weekend with four guests at his father’s empty house, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Burke from Bedford, N.Y. and Mrs. Mary Wagner and her husband, Charlie McFadden, from Washington, D.C.

Court Chilton recently entertained four seniors from his school, which is Middlebury, in the heart of the Champlain Valley in Vermont. The five of them and some other West Chop people partied at South Beach and spent most of the weekend in the ocean.

During the week, Court also ran a parent-child tennis tournament in which Maude Chilton, his mother, and Little Maude Chilton, his sister, won the tournament. There was also two other matches. First, there was a women’s match against Vineyard Haven, in which we reigned undefeated. During one of the games, Mrs. John Herdeg and Mrs. Skip Vanderwarker were playing two Vineyard Haven women. Mrs. William Styron, one of their opponents, got a charley horse and had to cease play. Art Buchwald then jumped up and said that he would take her place, so he did, and the women’s doubles match continued.

A few days ago, West Chop had its first swim meet. Ann Crossley took the West Chop swim team to Chappaquiddick. Our team raced against Chappy, East Chop, and Chilmark. We came in third, even though we only had entered half the races.

On Saturday, July 30, after the chicken  barbecue of the Cedars, Jay Schofield, a professional caller, was at the Casino with all his equipment. Everyone was there in their overalls and blue jeans to square dance. Jay shouted over the music all night, calling promenades and alemains, while everyone swung their partners and do-si-doed into the night.

The next morning, at the Sunday service, Harold Whiteman spoke about the New York blackout. He also announced that the final scores of the July West Chop Captain’s Choice Golf tournament had been posted outside the Casino. At the conclusion of the service, the members of West Chop who did not care to be on the courts went to see the results, which were: first place: the team made up of Dana Stinson, Frank Sagendorph, Buzz Morss, Ed Pulling; second place: the team of S. Howland, Linn Nagi, Ruth Morris, Patty Vanderwarker; and third place: a tie, but through the process of elimination, Amor Hollingsworth, Pam Reese, Monk Mason, Leigh Smith took third.

This week in Group, Olympics were held. There were two divisions, ages 5-8 and ages 9-11. The olympics started with the younger group doing the high jump and the older group doing the broad jump. The high jump for the younger age went on and on until Josh Dunn came out victorious. At broad jump, Chris Nelson won in the boy’s group with 11 feet 5 inches, while in the girl’s group, Marianna Chilton won with 8 feet 5 inches. The groups then switched. In the broad jump, Laura Conway came out first, while in the high jump, Marianna Chilton and Chris Nelson again took firsts.

The sprint came next. In the 5-6 year runners, Corby Reese pulled out in first; in the 7-8 group, Lisi Bankhardt won. Winthrop Allen won the 9-11 year boy’s race, and Cynthia Reed won the girl’s race. Following the sprint was the wrestling. In the younger group, Laura Conway once again emerged victorious, and Rob Leaver won in the older bracket.

Laura Conway won her third contest, when the Group moved to the Marathon. Also winning his third race was Chris Nelson. The other victor of the Marathon was Dierdre Roberts. Then, contestants moved on to the Casino, where laurel wreaths were handed out to the winners.

Thursday, Groupers arrived at the Casino with towels and lunches. From there, they went to boats driven by Amor Hollingsworth, Donald Carpenter, Thomas Urmston, John McGinley, Bobby Stinson and Bobby Conway. The men drove the youbg and old Groupers to Tarpauline Cove where they stayed for four hours, swimming and eating.

On Friday, 20 Groupers came to the Casino where cars picked them up and took them to Oak Bluffs where Ranger, which is owned by West Chop’s year-round resident Bruce Campbell, is docked. Everyone boarded the fishing boat with lunch, high spirits, and five bucks. They were gone for four hours. The boat once again docked. Everyone got off with an average of three fish, an empty wallet and a need for a bath.