Chappy Town Column

Chappy Town Column: Nov. 20

The last time that I was off-Island overnight was back in the beginning of September.

Chappy Town Column: Nov. 13

Last Sunday could have been a summer day at Wasque.

Chappy Town Column: Nov. 6

As the end of the year approaches please consider a donation to the Chappy Community Center.

Chappy Town Column: Oct. 30

I am so saddened to report the passing of Chappaquiddick resident Allyson Getsinger on Oct. 18 after a 10-month battle against cancer.

Chappy Town Column: Oct. 23

A celebration of the life of Richard Knight, Jr. is planned for June 19 next summer.

Chappy Town Column: Oct. 16

This past Monday was Indigenous’ Peoples Day. Let us for a moment, remember the history of Chappaquiddick, an island named for the Wampanoag word tchepi-aquidenet, meaning “separate island”.

Chappy Town Column

Just a reminder, when the derby ends so does the summer schedule on the Chappy Ferry.

Chappy Town Column: Sept. 25

So, let’s say that you are one of the folks who have decided to stay on the islands this winter.

Chappy Town Column: Sept. 18

The Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby began this week and runs to Saturday, Oct. 17.

Chappy Town Column: Sept. 11

When I was a kid, the Tuesday after Labor Day, you couldn’t buy an ice cream cone or a T-shirt with words on it in all of Edgartown.