Lunch Ladies Continue to Devour the Competition

Team Lunch Ladies, a trio of Martha’s Vineyard cooks led by West Tisbury School chef Jenny DeVivo, are heading to the finals in The Great Food Truck Race.

Lunch Ladies Return on Food Network

Team Lunch Ladies from Martha’s Vineyard will assemble a salad in a moving aerial tram car during tonight’s episode of the Great Food Truck Race.

Island Chef Brings New Meaning to Comfort Food

Wednesday was a historically grim day on Martha’s Vineyard. Just after noon, an ominous stay-at-home order chimed on cell phones all over the Island. Still, there were flickers of hope. The Art Cliff diner was one of them.

Lunch Ladies Lead Food Truck Race

Team Lunch Ladies, led by West Tisbury School chef Jenny DeVivo, is off to a strong start in the 12th season of The Great Food Truck Race.

Chefs Shuffle, Restaurants Rotate in 2019

When one door closes, another opens. That, thankfully, is the story of food on the Vineyard.

Lunch Ladies Unite for Food Truck Race

West Tisbury School chef Jenny DeVivo along with her team of Nisa Webster and Eli Carroll participated in The Great Food Truck Race this summer. Their slogan: Think Outside the Lunch Box.

Cooking With Christopher on the Today Show

Chef Christopher Gianfreda of the Outermost Inn in Aquinnah was featured on the Today Show last Saturday morning.

The Art of Sushi Chef Tony Ni

When encountering a Vineyard sushi bar, one will find raw fish, rice, seaweed, and, most likely, Chef Chunxiang Ni, known to most as Tony.