Chef Christopher Gianfreda of the Outermost Inn in Aquinnah was featured on the Today Show last Saturday morning. Mr. Gianfreda cooked up a fall feast of Guinness short ribs with quinoa and apple-cabbage slaw for host Craig Melvin, who helped cook, and Kristen Welker and Dave Price who both seemed more than happy to just eat.

Ms. Welker gave the dish an A+ and Mr. Price presumably gave the meal an even higher grade by not saying anything — his mouth was continually full as he munched happily on the food throughout the program.

Mr. Gianfreda looked like a natural on the program, and represented the Outermost Inn in true up-Island style; professional yet laid back at the same time. When talking about the main dish he described it as “a classic braise but we hook it up with a little Guiness and some fall spices.”

The Outermost Inn closed last weekend for the season, so those wanting to tast first hand this dish and others made by the young chef will have to wait until spring. But for the more adventurous the recipe and video are available at