Food waste

Food Waste Disposal is Fee-Free in June

Compost your food scraps for free this month at any Martha's Vineyard transfer station.

Island Grown Recognized by EPA

Island Grown Initiative's food recovery program has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Composting on the Coast; An Island Grapples With Food Waste

A four-month pilot study, which began in June, may set the stage for an Islandwide composting program that could help businesses comply with the state’s ban on commercial food waste.

Where the Waste Goes, I Will Follow

Every year, 40 per cent of the food grown in this country is never eaten. The waste happens in farm fields, during processing and transportation, in grocery stores, restaurants, and in our homes.

Food Waste Study Gets Underway on Martha's Vineyard

A state ban on commercial food waste has yet to be enforced, but Islanders have launched a comprehensive study of the issue.


Food Waste is Key to Farmers' Success

Coffee grinds, apple cores and curly orange carrot peels: straight to the trash they go in most households. But on Island farms, these food scraps (along with egg shells, wilted greens and watermelon seeds) go to the compost. For the farmers, this trash is treasure.

“It’s like crop insurance,” explained Jim Athearn of Morning Glory Farm last week as he stepped down from his tractor.