Lagoon Pond

Commission Installs First Ever Permeable Reactive Barrier on Lagoon Pond

Last week, the Martha's Vineyard Commission installed a first-of-its-kind permeable reactive barrier at the base of Lagoon Pond in Vineyard Haven. The project is more than 18 months in the making.

MVC Readies Permeable Barrier Project

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission will install a barrier along the shore of the Lagoon Pond.

Seeding Quahaugs Aids Health and Harvest in Lagoon Pond

Tisbury shellfish constable Danielle Ewart had her boat loaded with 225,000 quahaugs. Fully grown, the hard-shelled clams would have weighed upwards of 40 tons.

West Arm Shellfishing Resumes

Based on acceptable water quality testing results, the state is allowing shellfishing to resume in the West Arm of Lagoon Pond.

Quahaugging Ends Indefinitely in Western Lagoon Pond

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) has closed the west end of Lagoon Pond to quahaugging due to high bacteria counts.

MVC Lands Major Grant to Restore Lagoon Pond

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission landed a $250,000 federal grant this week for an innovative project to reduce groundwater pollution in Lagoon Pond.

Former Homewners Win Court Award

A former longtime Vineyard Haven family won a substantial judgment in superior court last week in a case that dates to 2013 when the state took and demolished their home in order to build the new Lagoon Pond drawbridge.

Tisbury Closes Lagoon to Scalloping; Outer Harbor Stays Open

Lagoon Pond was closed to scalloping on the Vineyard Haven side, effective Wednesday morning. At a meeting Tuesday, the Tisbury selectmen voted to follow the shellfish constable’s recommendation to close the pond, but decided to keep the outer harbor open until Dec. 31.

Towns Look to Protect Estuary By Creating Watershed District

A proposed watershed planning district in Oak Bluffs and Tisbury would lay the groundwork for added wastewater regulations around the Lagoon Pond, and for greater public participation as the two towns work to restore the estuary.

Tisbury Limits Anchorage in Lagoon, Tashmoo, Harbor

Effective June 1, boaters in Vineyard Haven waterways will be restricted to three days on an anchor. The Tisbury selectmen unanimously voted to approve an amendment to the town anchoring regulations after a public hearing Tuesday.