Lagoon Pond

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Algae Bloom Spreads to Lagoon Pond

Cochlodinium, the rust-colored algae bloom that has turned up in Cape Pogue and Sengekontacket Ponds, has now invaded Lagoon Pond, Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group director Rick Karney confirmed this week. The algae was found in the west arm of the Lagoon.

Trouble in Lagoon Pond Adds Urgency to Recovery Efforts

Lagoon Pond is in trouble. Island residents heard a familiar story on Wednesday from representatives of the Massachusetts Estuaries Project about another degraded coastal pond on the Island, but town officials say that they are determined to find a solution.

Lagoon Woes Seen Years Ago

Lagoon Woes Seen Years Ago

1987 Report on Water Quality Found Problems ‘Particularly During the Summer Months'; Recommended Dredging

A comprehensive study documented water quality problems in the Lagoon Pond 16 years ago, but the recommendations from the study - including a dredging program - were never carried out because of a lack of funding.

Shellfish Kill at Lagoon Hatchery; Ninety Per Cent of Crop Is Lost; Failing Water Quality Is Cited

The director of the Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group said yesterday that nearly four million healthy juvenile shellfish under culture at his Lagoon Pond hatchery have died in the last three weeks because of extremely poor water quality in the pond.

The deteriorating water quality has not affected mature shellfish and there is no danger to humans who eat shellfish from the pond.

Lagoon Pond Analysis Ends

Leaching nitrogen from residential households remains the single biggest threat to the water quality of Lagoon Pond, according to a recently completed water quality study. In a report delivered to the Lagoon Pond Association, its author found significant increases in nitrates entering the pond. The report is based on a series of water samplings conducted last summer.

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