House and Home: An Interview with Anne-Marie Eddy

Anne-Marie Eddy, owner of Coastal Supply Co., has started a new business - Martha's Vineyard Home Staging - to help home owners get their houses ready for the market.

Angelina Arrives

Polliana Aguiar and Ley Aguiar, of Vineyard Haven, announce the birth of their daughter, Angelina Oggioni Aguiar, born on April 20 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Angelina weighed 7.86 pounds at birth.

Vineyard Haven Column: April 23

We are approaching the last week of the annual poetry month.
Creeping phlox.

Coming Out Party

I have been moving the plastic coyote around the yard with success. The deer have been avoiding my gardens. Until Monday night, that is.

Edgartown Town Column: April 23

Memories of the Islander and Nobska.

Chilmark Town Column: April 23

I’m not totally mathematical, but what are the odds of four people in two families in the same town sharing two birthdays?
Tufted titmouse on a branch.

Nesting Birds

There are behavioral observations that can help us confirm breeding status; my favorite ones are observing a bird carrying vegetation or carrying food.
Vinca in bloom

Veni, Vidi, Vinca

Hailing from Europe, vinca has become naturalized in this country and is known for its purple-blue salverform flowers, evergreen leaves and tendency to take over.

Chappy Town Column: April 23

The installation of the new ramp lifting frame on the Chappy side is coming along rapidly.

Aquinnah Town Column: April 23

A few moments of snowfall this past week and quite a bit of rain, but the water table is still down and the April showers have been scarce thus far for this month.