Beetlebung Farm Market Coming to Menemsha

This summer Chris Fischer is back in Chilmark with a long-term plan for a spot in Menemsha. It’s called Beetlebung Farm Market, and he plans to open it in mid-June.

Quiet Menemsha Gears Up for Season of Crowds, Traffic

On their semi-annual walkabout last week, Chilmark selectmen were joined by other town officials for a close review of docks, pilings, buildings and signs in Menemsha.

New Faces, Familiar Faces at Menemsha Market

After five years away, Kevin and Liz Oliver are returning to run the Menemsha Market with their four kids in tow. The Olivers ran the market for 16 seasons, and Liz's family managed it for 32 seasons.

Fishermen's Trust Proposal Aims to Clear the Clutter in Menemsha

The fishing cages, nets and other gear that lie scattered around Menemsha may soon have a place of their own behind the Chilmark landfill.

Swordfish Harpooner Ready to Return, Stronger Than Ever

After a year away, the Swordfish Harpooner will soon be presiding over Menemsha Harbor once again.

Chilmark Easily Approves Menemsha Projects at Special Town Meeting

Chilmark voters Monday breezed through a special town meeting warrant, approving funding for projects in and around Menemsha and enhanced radio transmission for public safety officers.

No Serious Injuries after Unoccupied Car Rolls into Menemsha Creek

A young girl suffered minor injuries and a dog was rescued after an unoccupied Volkswagen Golf rolled into Menemsha Creek on Saturday morning, police said.

Menemsha Swordfish Sculpture Dismantled for Refurbishing

Commissioned for Chilmark’s tricentennial in 1994, the Swordfish Harpooner created by Jay Lagemann is an homage to the fishing industry.

Off-Season Menemsha Bustles With Building Projects

The new Coast Guard boathouse, designed to withstand fires and 100-year floods, is up and expected to be done by December. Two stone jetties are set to be replaced by the Army Corps of Engineers this winter. Selectmen toured Menemsha this week to see the work firsthand.

Trial Menemsha Shuttle Catches on Slowly

Chilmark selectmen are working to iron out the kinks in a free shuttle service between Tabor House Road and Menemsha that began in July. The service offers an alternative for drivers to park off site and away from the congested harbor area.