Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

And the Key Fits; Greg Clark Takes Home Derby Grand Prize

Greg G. Clark won the grand prize in a quiet ceremony Sunday afternoon as the 75th derby came to a close.

Derby Was Made for These Times; Saturday Is Final Weigh in

Despite a pandemic and striped bass being out of contention, the 75th derby has been a success on all levels.

For Amaral Brothers, Derby Has Always Been a Family Affair

Ed and Steve Amaral fished the first Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish derby in 1946 when they were 10 and nine years old, respectively.

High Winds Equal Slow Weekend as Derby Heads into Final Days

High winds made for an uncharacteristically slow Columbus Day weekend as the 75th Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby heads into its final week.

Competition Is Fierce as 75th Derby Heads to Final Week

Even without striped bass in the derby this year, the number of fish crossing the scales each day routinely reaches triple digits.

Artists Weigh in for Derby Scholarship Fund

As fishermen around the Island perfect the art of hooking the big one, artists on land are casting their talents into the mix to help raise money for the derby scholarship fund.

Derby Fish Donation Program Expands Beyond Senior Centers

The Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby will partner with Island Grown Initiative to distribute fresh fish for seniors, community meals and Islanders in need.

Cool Weather Arrives, and Derby Fishermen Are Chasing the Big Ones

The weigh station has been buzzing at derby headquarters, as cool autumn days arrive and the fishing heats up. “The fishing has been phenomenal,” derby chairman Joe El-Deiry said.

Found on Craig’s List, Derby Grand Prize Is Classic Boat Design

The story of the Cape Codder 19 dates to the late 1960s when Sandy Urquhart was tinkering with hull designs aimed at creating an affordable craft made specifically for Cape and Vineyard waters.

Fickle Weather, Fierce Fishing; Big Bonito Rock Week Two

Elizabeth Thompson, an 11-year-old, sixth-grader at the West Tisbury school, broke the derby’s junior record for boat-caught bonito on Saturday with a 11.68-pound fish.