With a virtually unanimous vote by the Martha’s Vineyard Chapter, D.A.R., to make the D.A.R. historical building opposite the courthouse at Edgartown available as a home for the Dukes County Savings Bank, the question of a location for the bank seemed fairly well settled this week. The choice must be approved by the incorporators of the new bank at the formal organization meeting to be held early in January.


Although the officials of the Martha’s Vineyard Cooperative Bank decline to be quoted now, the story that the institution is on the point of moving from its present quarters has become a general topic of public discussion within the past few days. The report is to the effect that the bank will move from the Martha’s Vineyard National Bank building, Vineyard Haven, where it has been since its inception in 1909, and will take up permanent and independent quarters in the new fireproof building erected by George C. Woods on the Mansion House property something less than two years ago.


The Island this morning faces at least one more day of the national banking holiday. Telegrams from the United States treasury notified Vineyard bankers last night of the extension of the holiday through Friday. The Island was encouraged, however, by repeated statements from Washington that there would be little delay in reopening sound banks.


Boston, March 25 - That the Martha’s Vineyard Co-operative bank, which heretofore has been a popular proposition on the Island, will soon become a certainty, and that the bank will be ready for business on the second Wednesday of April in the rooms of the Martha’s Vineyard National Bank at Tisbury, was the information given out this forenoon at the conclusion of the hearing which was held before the board of bank incorporators at Boston.