The Gay Head Indians were visited last Friday by the Hon. Rodney French, chairman on the part of the House of Representatives of the Indian Committee. The chieftains of the tribe assembled in council at 10 o’clock of the day above named, and expressed their opinion on the proposed questions of enfranchisement, &c.
Mr. Zaccheus Howwaswee, expressed his opinion in favor of remaining in their present condition.
Deacon Simon Johnson, expressed his thanks for the kindness and interest of the State in their welfare, and wished still to remain recipients of the State charities. In fact, like the leaders of the rebellion, desired to be “let alone.”
We are pleased to see that “women’s rights” are recognized by this ancient tribe. Mrs. Jane Wamsley coincided with the Deacon in desiring to remain in her present condition.
Mr. John Anthony, considered himself a man among men, and as good as “any other man,” and wished for a chance to prove it. Hence, was in favor of enfranchisement.
Mrs. Serena Randolph, wished she had never planted her foot on the beautiful and many - colored cliffs of this remarkable promontory. Was in favor of enfranchisement.
Mr. Alvin Manning agreed with Mrs. Randolph, and was in favor of taxation with representation.
Mrs. Abiah Dimond and Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Rodman, and Thomas Jeffers followed on the same side. Mr. Rodman ably supported the position he took.
Messrs. Samuel Peters, Leander Bassett and Jonathan Francis favored enfranchisement.
Dr. Moses Brown of Holmes’ Hole, spoke in complimentary terms of Mr. French remarking that the first time he ever heard the distinguished gentleman speak in public, he favored “free speech, free soil, and equal rights.” He eulogized the ability of the people of this section, and believed them sufficiently well qualified to exercise the right of suffrage.
Mr. French said that the people of Gay Head if they accepted the proposed enfranchisement, would command the respect of the whole County especially when their votes were wanted, as they hold the balance of power in the County.
The sentiment of the people generally, seems to be, in favor of enfranchisement and the establishment of a separate town. Did not desire annexation to Chilmark. On the subject of roads, they were willing to repair and keep them in order. A consummation most devoutly wished for by all travelers in that section. Probably many of the Gay Headers would not object to have their name appear on the income list, in figures as large as the incomes in Edgartown.