Vineyard Backs Democrats, Electing DeOliveira and Ogden

Vineyard voters turned out in high numbers Tuesday, backing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot and electing Robert Ogden as the new county sheriff and Paulo DeOliveira as Register of Deeds.

How the Vineyard has Voted Since Taylor’s Election

The first presidential election reported in the columns of the Vineyard Gazette was that of 1848, two years after the founding of the Gazette by Edgar Marchant. The election took place on Tuesday. On Friday the Gazette printed the result in Dukes County, which was as follows, the figures being those for Taylor, Cass and Van Buren in that order: Edgartown 157, 46, 35; Tisbury 99, 38, 42; Chilmark 34, 49, 4; total 290, 133, 81.

Harrison Elected: New York Conceded to the Republicans

The result of Tuesday’s voting is no longer in doubt. The Republicans have carried the country and General Benjamin Harrison of Indiana has been chosen as the next president of the United States. Readers will find in our columns a detailed account of how the electoral votes of the several States have been thrown.

County Nominations

The three parties made the following nominations for county officers to be voted for next Tuesday: -
For Representative - Republican, Cornelius B. Marchant, of Edgartown; Democratic, James F. Cleveland, of Tisbury; Prohibition, Ulysses E. Mayhew, of Tisbury.
For Register of Probate - Republican, *Samuel Keniston, of Edgartown; Democratic, Hebron Vincent, of Edgartown; Prohibition, George Nolen, of Cottage City.
For County Treasurer - Republican, John S.

Presidential Election Is Tuesday; Town Clerks Brace for Large Turnout

Vineyard voters will join their counterparts across the country at the polls Tuesday in a presidential election year expected to go down in history for unprecedented rancor, and an electorate on edge.

Front Row Seat to History, Humble Ballot Box Endures

Only Aquinnah and Chilmark still count ballots by hand, using wooden boxes that have stood the test of time. But similar boxes lie hidden in offices and odd corners around the Island.

County Commission Candidate: Gretchen Underwood

Gretchen Underwood, a retired administrator from Oak Bluffs, said the commission should make fiscally responsible decisions that benefit all residents.

County Commission Candidate: Robert Zeltzer

Robert Zeltzer of Chilmark said the commission should take a greater role in providing Island-wide services.

County Commission Candidate: Christine C. Todd

Christine C. Todd, a real estate agent from Oak Bluffs, said she is passionate about the health and well-being of the entire Island community.

County Commission Candidate: Norman L. Perry

Norman L. Perry of Chilmark said the county commission should unify the towns and create detailed plans of action.