County Commission Candidate: Tristan R. Israel

Tristan R. Israel of Tisbury, the owner of a landscape company, advocates for strengthening social services for Vineyarders.

County Commission Candidate: David Jeffrey Holway

David Jeffrey Holway of Edgartown said he wants to continue to restore public confidence in Dukes County government.

County Commission Candidate: Leon Brathwaite 2nd

Leon Brathwaite 2nd of West Tisbury, a retired administrator, said he is committed to public service and a well managed and fiscally responsible county government.

County Commission Candidate: John S. Alley

John S. Alley of West Tisbury, a justice of the peace, said the commission provides a regional solution to problems.

MVC Candidate: Linda Bauer Sibley

Linda Bauer Sibley of West Tisbury said institutional memory is important at the commission, which has unprecedented regulatory and planning powers.

MVC Candidate: Ernest Douglas Sederholm

Ernest Douglas Sederholm, an attorney from West Tisbury, said development is necessary but the Island's natural beauty must be respected and preserved.

MVC Candidate: Allen Look

Allen Look, a construction consultant from West Tisbury, said he wants to service the Island's health and longevity.

MVC Candidate: Josh Goldstein

Josh Goldstein, a Vineyard Haven innkeeper, said he can act as a voice for the next generation of Islanders.

MVC Candidate: Myron Garfinkle

Myron Garfinkle, a retired businessman from West Tisbury, said he brings a fresh perspective and a love for the Island.

MVC Candidate: Clarence A. Barnes 3rd

Clarence A. Barnes 3rd, of Vineyard Haven, said the Vineyard can learn from its history as it moves into a year-round community.