Mrs. Priscilla Freeman, formerly of Deep Bottom but now of Cottage City, one of the few remaining having Indian blood coursing in her veins, if her story is correct – and we believe it is – is a wronged woman. The great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through its Commissioners of Inland Fisheries, is the oppressor. Mrs. Freeman's story is: She owns land bordering on the Tisbury Great Pond, hence is one of the riparian proprietors. She asked the Commissioners of Inland Fisheries to include her in the lease recently given to the other riparian proprietors, but for some unexplained reason she was left out. She has now petitioned the Legislature to right the matter and the people have very generally signed the petition in her aid. If through the connivance and machinations of somebody, high or low, she has been wronged this noble old Commonwealth will right it. Massachusetts will not suffer a person to be cheated out of their rights because Indian blood courses in their veins – rather is it a guarantee that their rights will be more equitably accorded them than if they were members of the white race. At least we hope it and believe it.