Golf, which has become a popular American pastime, has this week made a start on the Vineyard, and Mr. B. S. Elmes has organized the Martha’s Vineyard Golf Club, with links near Pleasant View cottage, upper Main street. The Club starts off with the following list of members:

Burton S. Elmes, M. Shepard, Jr., John E. White, Arthur C. Hillman, F. B. Williamson, J. N. Pierce, C. A. Snell, Chas. K. Allen, A. C. Littlefield, Wm. F. Faulkner, Miss Annie F. Mayhew, Miss Miriam I. Beetle, Miss Christine Pease, Miss Sara F. Pease, Miss Jennie L. Dunham, Miss Fannie B. Hillman, Miss Sadie M. Fisher, Mrs. Isabelle Williamson, Mrs. Gertrude Snell, Miss Miriam Vincent, Miss Mattie Modley.

A meeting is called for Friday afternoon at 2.30 o’clock, at the golf links. R. Webster, a professional, from G. A. Spalding Bros., New York, laid out the links, and the same is under the management of Mr. B. S. Elmes, proprietor. Fuller details of the club’s organization and plans will be published next week.