A golf club has been formed in town and named the Nashouohkamuk Golf Club, Nashouohkamuk being the old Indian name for Chilmark. The club consists of ten members who are charter members and the following is the list; Almer M. Newhall, Orland S. Mayhew, Johnson Whiting, Clara W. Mayhew, Osgood N. Mayhew, James F. Adams, Emma V. Mayhew, Edwin W. Newhall, Jr., Inez P. Mayhew, Evelyn M. Adams.

The following officers have been chosen:

President, Orland S. Mayhew.
Vice President, Johnson Whiting.
Secretary, Emma V. Mayhew.
Treasurer, Evelyn M. Adams.
Auditor, Edwin W. Newhall, Jr.

The links are laid out on the grounds of J. F. Adams, at the rear of his house, and one of the greens is near the place where Experience Mayhew’s house once stood.