The Martha’s Vineyard Country Club, located in Oak Bluffs, has been sold by James A. Boyle of Vineyard Haven, to Richard D. Mansfield of the same town, transfers of the title having been effected this week.

Mr. Mansfield, best known as the proprietor of the Mink Meadows Golf Club at West Chop, told the Gazette that he is primarily interested in the motel on the property and the golf links, and that he hopes to lease the clubhouse. He plans no particular changes beyond a general cleaning up of the premises, and the operation of the various facilities will continue much as before.

The long history of the country club has been one of continued disappointment and failure. Established by the late H. O. Phillips, who spent money freely on its founding, the club did not prove financially successful, and one of the larger buildings was eventually torn down in order to lessen operating expenses. The establishment continued in operation under the management of Thomas J. Attridge following the death of Mr. Phillips, and eventually was sold to Mr. Boyle. It was leased to mainland operators who subleased the property at least twice in recent years, only to see failure follow failure from lack of patronage. Considerable money has been spent in late years in adding facilities which include an outdoor swimming pool and a new building.

The property is located in one of the most sightly of seaside Island spots and by the addition of a considerable acreage in recent years the golf course has been greatly increased in size.

As proprietor of Mink Meadows, Mr. Mansfield has been signally successful. A landscape artist by profession, he has taken direct charge of the care and maintenance of the grounds. He is well known and popular with the various classes of people, professional and otherwise, who enjoy golfing, and the patronage of Mink Meadows has increased rapidly under his proprietorship of the country club, which, incidentally, will operate in the future under a new name, Mr. Mansfield can count on the support of the present clientele, both Islanders and seasonal residents, and he views the future of this establishment with encouragement.