The land and buildings of the School of Creative Arts on the West Chop Road in Vineyard Haven have been sold by Miss Kathleen Hinni to Mrs. Hazel F. Schwarts, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Angell and Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Kennedy. All are owners of real estate either adjoining the school property or located nearby.

The sale was made by Cronig’s Real Estate. The property consists of seven acres of wooded land, with 600 feet of beach, which has been divided equally among the three purchases.

There is also on the property the main house, once the George Soren summer home, two studio buildings, and fourteen cabins.

It was learned that the main house, which is included in the purchase of Mrs. Schwartz, will remain on the property, but that the smaller buildings will probably be removed. Unofficially, it has been said that the Kennedys will probably build upon their purchase.

Miss Hinni purchased the property, previously owned by the Y.W.C.A. and the Boston Seaman’s Friend Society, eleven years ago and transferred her school to the property form a former Island location which she had occupied for seven years. About her plans for the future, she has arrived at no decision except to dispose of the personal property at the school. She said this week, “I can relocate the school on the Island and I may do it, but I am very tired and I think I shall rest for a time and think things over.”

The property, which overlooks the lower harbor of Vineyard Haven, was bequeathed to the Y.W.C.A. and Boston Seaman’s Friend Society by Mr. Soren, and for a number of years it was used by the Y.W. as a summer camp. Before its purchase by Miss Hinni, the entire property had lain idle for several years.