The land and buildings of the School of Creative Arts on the West Chop Road in Vineyard Haven have been sold by Miss Kathleen Hinni to Mrs. Hazel F. Schwarts, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Angell and Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Kennedy. All are owners of real estate either adjoining the school property or located nearby.

The sale was made by Cronig’s Real Estate. The property consists of seven acres of wooded land, with 600 feet of beach, which has been divided equally among the three purchases.


The School of Creative Arts in Vineyard Haven, is announcing its discontinuation on Martha’s Vineyard after eight years on its present site. The school, owned and directed by Kathleen Hinni, will move to a new location at the conclusion of its summer course in late August.

In a statement composed for Miss Hinni by a member of her staff, the reasons for the move are set forth as follows:


Camp Winnecunnet, the Y.W.C.A. camp on West Chop road, Vineyard Haven, has been sold this week to Miss Kathleen Hinni, representing the School of Creative Arts which she has conducted in the town for the past several years. The sale, as yet uncompleted, was made through the office of Mrs. O. B. Weeks, formerly Miss Mary Nunes, of Oak Bluffs.


The driveways and barns and garages, the stairways and trees of the Whitney estate at West Chop have, for the past several years, been the scene of a new type of activity. A special project has been underway under the direction of Miss Kathleen Hinni of the Summer School of Creative Arts, and young people have been learning to grow through the arts.


The School of Creative Arts, with Miss Kathleen Hinni, director, a new venture here, will open July 6 in the Trench House on Massachusetts avenue, Oak Bluffs. Swimming, dancing, music appreciation, hand work and dramatics, games and sports, horseback riding and advanced work for girls are on the curriculum. There will also be classes for adults in rhythmic exercise and folk dancing.