Audubon Christmas Bird Count

A Heated Topic

We all have bird feeders to provide nutritious food for our feathered friends. Likely the feeders are fairly close to our houses, so the birds can be seen up close and personal. All well and good, but we can all do more! They need water to drink and to bathe in. To be most effective, the water needs to be shallow for the smaller birds like the chickadees, and deeper for the larger birds. A small pile of pebbles reaching up to the surface can provide the necessary varied depths.

Black and white warbler photo by Lanny LcDowell

Christmas Bird Count

The 61st annual Christmas Bird Count was held on Jan. 2, but the initial compilation of the data was started the next day when we all gathered via Zoom to review the species we saw in the field.

Christmas Bird Count Takes Note of Avians Sharing Space With More People

Carolina wrens were counted in large numbers during the annual Christmas Bird Count. There were more people too on beaches and trails.

Christmas Bird Count Documents Shifting Species on Island

Birders from near and far fanned out across Martha’s Vineyard Saturday for the 60th annual Christmas Bird Count. At the end of the day, some 60 birders hung their rain jackets at the Wakeman Center in Vineyard Haven to analyze the data.

Eyes to the Sky: Christmas Bird Count Is Saturday

This weekend marks a milestone for Martha’s Vineyard birders, who will be fanning out across the Island Saturday in the 60th Christmas Bird Count.

Birders of a Feather Flock Together at Christmas Bird Count

Birders spread out across the Island on Saturday for the Christmas Bird Count, tallying 16,026 birds divided among more than 100 species.

2017 Martha's Vineyard Christmas Bird Count Results

23,222 individual birds were observed, comprising 120 species, during the 2017 Christmas Bird Count.

Bird Count Memories

From the Jan. 4, 1974 edition of the Vineyard Gazette by George Moffett:

Christmas Bird Count Anecdotes

The 58th annual Martha’s Vineyard Christmas Bird Count was held on Friday, Dec. 29.

Christmas Bird Count Tallies Species

One immature bald eagle, five snowy owls, 22 great blue herons and a thick-billed murre. This was just part of the tally for the annual Christmas Bird Count.