Coastal ponds

Dangerous Toxins Found in Island Ponds, Alarming Scientists

Preliminary sampling and analysis from researchers with the University of New Hampshire have revealed high levels of dangerous toxins from cyanobacteriain many of the Island’s ponds.

Coastal Ponds on the Brink, MVC Report Finds

Martha’s Vineyard’s 13 coastal ponds are unique, globally rare estuarine ecosystems that dot the edges of Island.

Warning Signs and Success Stories for Island Ponds and Estuaries

A three-year study by the Martha's Vineyard Commission revealed both continued high levels of nitrogen in some ponds, while others showed improvement.

Record Quahaug Spawn Is Boon for Island Ponds

A record quahaug spawn at the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group comes as a boon to Island towns this year where saltwater ponds are seeded annually as part of shellfish management programs.

MVC Lands Major Grant to Restore Lagoon Pond

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission landed a $250,000 federal grant this week for an innovative project to reduce groundwater pollution in Lagoon Pond.

MVC Outlines Nitrogen Reduction Plan for Pond Health

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission presented a water quality management policy with an emphasis on the high nitrogen in coastal ponds.

Forum Discusses Phragmites Harvesting to Lower Nitrogen in Ponds

Phragmites can be a valuable tool for removing nitrogen in Vineyard ponds, according to new research presented to a packed meeting in the West Tisbury Library Monday afternoon.

Water Levels in Great Ponds Reach Historic High

Torrents of rain from recent storms have caused Vineyard Great Ponds to rise to historic levels, threatening shellfish and surrounding homes.

Phragmites Could Play Key Role in Health of Coastal Ponds

Regular removal of phragmites is an effective and efficient way to improve the health of coastal ponds, a study has found.

Edgartown Great Pond Comeback Is Communal Effort

The overall health of the Edgartown Great Pond has shown significant improvement over the past decade, according to a report released Tuesday from the nonprofit Great Pond Foundation.