Marine Hospital

Official Moving Day at Marine Hospital

Wednesday was official moving day at the U. S. Marine Hospital, Vineyard Haven, when the new addition, recently completed by the Bay State Construction Company, was formally occupied by the staff, and the equipment was moved into place.

Plan Extensive Changes at the Marine Hospital

The United States Marine Hospital at Vineyard Haven is to be partially remodeled and enlarged, the grounds are to be relaid out and beautified, and the roads and drives altered extensively, according to information received by the Gazette this week. Federal funds have been appropriated for the purpose, and already one contract, for the building of an incinerator, has been awarded to the A. Durso Co. of Haverhill. From this fact it is concluded that the remaining contracts may be awarded at any time and the work begun.

Marine Hospital Was Not Obtained Without Struggle

Public attention is continually drawn to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, the only public institution of its kind in the county. A comparatively new institution, and occupying a building that is very new indeed, there is every excuse for the turning of the public eye in that direction and for the whole-hearted support of the institution be every Island resident, either permanent or temporary.

Hospital Day May 12

On May 12 Hospital Day will be observed throughout the country. The aims of the observation are set forth in the following letter from the head of the Public Health service to Dr. Mathewson of the Marine Hospital here.

Description of the New Marine Hospital to be erected at Vineyard Haven

A special dispatch to the Standard says: The plans and specifications for the alterations and improvements in the United States Marine Hospital at this place have been received by the Surgeon in Charge, and are now ready for inspection at his (Dr. Glennan’s) office. Proposals have been invited, which will be opened at the office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department at Washington, April 12, at 2 p.m. and work should commence at the latest, in 60 days.

Marine Hospital: A Brief Sketch of a Useful Institution

Vineyard Haven, April 20. - It was a great surprise to everyone on our Island to learn that Surgeon R. P. M. Ames had been ordered to Philadelphia for temporary duty, and it is intimated that he will subsequently have charge of the Quarantine station at San Francisco, and though the transfer to such an important station is virtually a promotion, their many friends will sincerely regret the departure of the genial surgeon and his wife.