Steamships and Ferries

Steamer History Is Vineyard History

Steamer history is Vineyard history, even now, for the arrival of the air age has not diminished the necessity of boat service.

It is likely that regular boat service between Martha’s Vineyard and the mainland was being operated by the year 1800. This does not mean daily service, however, for in the old times the packets and even the steamboats that followed them, would run on certain days of the week. Sailings were arranged according to the time of year and the needs of traffic.

Nantucket Drops In But Briefly For A Vineyard View: Impressions of Strength, Minus the Beauty – her Narrow Passages

The new ferryboat Nantucket, hailing (God save the mark!) from New Bedford, stopped briefly at Vineyard Haven on Tuesday – about an hour and a half – to give the people who are paying half the bill an opportunity to see the new boat. Some of them did, but the view was hardly satisfactory, the time being limited and the boat swarming with children taking advantage of the spring vacation from school.

3,400 Visit New Ferry on Arrival

The new Vineyard ferry Islander arrived at Vineyard Haven yesterday afternoon, greeted with whistles from the Martha’s Vineyard, which lay at the dock, the whistles of the fleet of Taylor’s lighters, and blasts from assembled cars. All down-Island towns had displayed their flags throughout the day, and the visiting hours, together with music by the Vineyard Haven Band, followed during the early evening when more than 3,400 people inspected the boat.

Captains, Kings Go; People Take Over

It happened yesterday. One minute before 11 a.m., the Island boat line was administered by the officers and directors of the Massachusetts Steamship Lines Inc., as constituted for some time past; one minute after 11, the management was in the hands of new officers and directors, the responsibility of the New Bedford, Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Authority.

Ferry Goes Into Service Monday

The ferry Islander of the Massachusetts Steamship Lines will make her shake-down cruise on Sunday and begin regular operation Monday, April 15, with four round trips daily between Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven, according to the schedule released today and announced by the line’s president, Paul E. Thurlow.

The ferry is the former Hackensack, used on the run across the Hudson between New York city and New Jersey. She can carry fifty automobiles and seat 500 passengers in service between Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven. Her scheduled time is one hour form slip to slip.

Government Takes the New Bedford

The steamer New Bedford of the New Bedford, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Line, is being requisitioned by the government as of noon today. This is the second boat to be taken from the line under the war power of the government, and her departure follows by little more than three weeks the requisitioning of the line’s flagships, the Naushon.
Every assurance has been given, it is learned, that no more steamers will be taken from the Island line.

Government Takes Steamer Naushon

The Naushon, pride of the Island Fleet of steamers, yesterday took her last look at the Island which she has served since she was built in 1929. For the last time she breasted the Island waters which on countless trips have offered their caress or attacked her with savage force. She has been taken over by the federal government and will play her part in the war effort, in some capacity not divulged.

New Scow Tried Out

The good ship Chappy, huge freight scow which will this summer transport freight and automobiles over to Chappaquiddick Point and back, was the cynosure of all eyes Sunday, when she steamed all over the harbor. With Engineers Joe Costa and Jesse Jeffers coaxing the automobile engine turning the propeller, Capt. Tony Bettencourt walking the bridge, Joe Brown and Oscar at the tiller ropes, swinging the craft around in her own length, the scow made triumphant progress, loaded to the ribands with free passengers and accompanied by a great deal of assorted and uncalled for advice.

Edgartown Loses Boat

Beginning Sunday, Nov. 11, the Island steamboat schedule will be changed to eliminate the trips to and from Edgartown. The last boat in the evening will put into Vineyard Haven and remain there, leaving at 6:10 in the morning as has been the custom.

Nantucket Still Stuck in Sand; Tugs Work Vainly

Steamer Nantucket was still fast in the sand of Sturgeon Flats this morning, with the prospect that more powerful towing equipment or the aid of a dredger will be needed to get her clear. Attempts were made to float her at high tide last night, and the working vessels were heard tooting again this morning in the thick fog which surrounded all the craft and made them invisible from the shore.