Tisbury Police

Riding Off Into a Sergeant's Sunset

Sgt. Timothy Stobie’s last shift wasn’t eventful. He didn’t arrest anybody. He didn’t ride the motorcycle. It was a quiet end to over three decades of service on the Tisbury police department.

Tisbury Officer Back on the Job, Despite Harsh Report

A Tisbury police officer who has served on the town force for more than 25 years returned to duty just as the town released a critical report.

Selectmen Still Mum After Disciplinary Hearing for Police Officer

After meeting behind closed doors for nearly three hours Wednesday night, Tisbury selectmen remained mum on the outcome of a disciplinary hearing for a longtime police officer.

Tisbury Detective Faces Disciplinary Hearing

A Tisbury police detective is on leave and will face a disciplinary hearing next week, town officials confirmed.

Police Investigate Rural Mail Theft

Tisbury and West Tisbury police are investigating the theft of mail from several mailboxes in the Lambert’s Cove area.

Tisbury Police Carry Narcan to Counteract Overdoses

The Tisbury police will now carry Narcan, a medication that counteracts opiate overdose, in their police cruisers.

Tisbury Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Tool Theft

Tisbury police issued an arrest warrant Monday for a man they believe stole tools and electronics from a Vineyard Haven job site.

Tisbury Appoints New Emergency Services Director

Tisbury police Lieut. Eerik Meisner was appointed as new town emergency services director this week. His recommendation to the post came from town fire chief John Schilling.

Man Held Without Bail Following Alleged Assault, Discovery of Explosive Device

Matthew Gamache, 36, was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with attempted murder, domestic assault and battery, intimidation of a witness, 24 counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and possession of an explosive device. A dangerousness hearing is set for Tuesday.

Lost and Found: Stray Seal Pup Finds Safe Route Home

Thanks to Tisbury police officers on the midnight shift, a lost seal is back in the water — despite a quick detour under a police car.