Walking Each Other From Darkness Into Light

The stars were still bright when participants gathered at Bend in the Road Beach at 5 a.m. Saturday morning for the fifth annual Darkness into Light Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk.

Ocean Washover But No Breach at Norton Point Beach

High tides and heavy winds created an ocean washover at Norton Point Beach late Friday.

MVC Closes Meshacket Commons Hearing

A planned 40-unit affordable housing development in Edgartown moved closer to approval Thursday night as the Martha’s Vineyard Commission closed its public hearing on the project.

Bright Jupiter

The brightest planet in the evening sky is Jupiter. Jupiter hasn’t been this bright and close in 40 years. The planet is 362 million miles away, which is hardly close. Amateur astronomers will enjoy its proximity, as their telescopes will render it as large as it gets.

In opposition, Jupiter is in the zodiacal constellation Pisces, a constellation depicting mythological fishes. If you could see deeper into outer space you’d also notice that the distant planet Neptune is nearby.

Volunteers Gather to Reflect and Look Forward

A week after Venezuelan migrants first spent the night at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, over 40 volunteers gathered again Thursday evening. The meeting began with a candle lighting for each migrant who had been sheltered at the church.

Driveway Change Approved for Affordable Housing Duplex

Neighbors of a planned affordable housing duplex in Vineyard Haven prevailed this week when the Tisbury planning board voted to relocate the units’ shared driveway.

Turning Back Time to Revisit Travels in Eastern Europe

The death of former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev took me back to my travels to several Eastern European countries that he helped liberate from Communist rule.

Extend the Lease

I was dismayed to read the Letter to the Editor by Eric Glasgow in the Sept. 16, 2022 issue of the Vineyard Gazette.

Property Props

As an employer of more than 60 year-round and seasonal staff on Martha’s Vineyard, we know how difficult it is to secure staff housing.

Islandwide Thank You

With an opportunity to reflect on our Island response to the humanitarian crisis, I am drawn to a phrase: Beautiful things don't ask for attention."