Vineyard Gazette History

Gazette Wins Top Award for Digital Journalism

The Time Machine, the Vineyard Gazette’s online display of historical stories and photos, won Best Digital Innovation Award Thursday from the New England Society of Newspaper Editors.

And Many More

On Monday, the Vineyard Gazette had a birthday, and on Tuesday it celebrated by inviting readers in.

Picture This

What of the Vineyard as it lived and breathed had its being on the Gazette’s natal day, one hundred years ago, May 14?

Vineyard Gazette Acquires Tourism Website MVOL

Martha’s Vineyard Online, the Island’s first and best-known tourism website at, has been acquired by the Vineyard Gazette.

Preserving the Future and the Past, Gazette Upgrades Printing Process

The Vineyard Gazette this week welcomed a new piece of technology into its decades-old printing operation with the addition of a new computer-to-plate unit.

Never Just a Little Brother, Tuesday Paper Made Headlines

More than anything else, a revolution in technology made the Tuesday edition of the Vineyard Gazette possible back in the summer of 1929. Ironically enough, it was another revolution in technology that rendered it more or less obsolete 84 years later.

Take a Tour of Our New Website

For a limited time, the Vineyard Gazette is opening up access to all parts of our new multiplatform website to subscribers and visitors alike so you can explore our wealth of multimedia, news, information and commentary and sample our many new features.

Whether you are accessing the site from a desktop computer, an iPad or a smart phone, the first thing you may notice is that the site is just the right size for your screen.

jerome and nancy kohlberg

Vineyard Gazette is Sold to Island Philanthropists

The Vineyard Gazette, the family-owned weekly newspaper that has been a prominent, much-decorated and enduring chronicle of Island life for 164 years, will be sold to new owners, the newspaper’s publisher Richard Reston announced today.

The buyers are Jerome and Nancy Kohlberg, longtime seasonal residents of the Island who live in and operate businesses from Mount Kisco, N.Y. The Kohlbergs have been quiet philanthropists on the Vineyard for many decades, especially in the areas of conservation and education.

Richard Reston, Editor and Mentor, Retires After 28 Years with the Gazette

It’s 10 p.m. on a Thursday night. Steve Durkee, the Gazette graphics director, is in Dick Reston’s office, his head stuck out the open skylight, smoking a cigarette. Dick is at his computer, writing headlines. Out in the newsroom, Chris Burrell is hunches over his own terminal, trying to get the tone just right on his West Tisbury backgrounder. I am rummaging around in the Gazette library looking for some poetry that will work for a skyline (the line of verse that runs across the top of the front page). I find an E.B. White quote about the virtue of delay for writers and I read it aloud to Chris, delaying him even more from finishing his story.

Gazette's Editor and Publisher Plans to Retire; Names Successor

Announcing his intent to retire as ed­itor and publisher of the Vineyard Gazette after more than 27 years at the newspaper, Richard Reston this week also named his successor.

Beginning in the middle of March, John W. Walter Jr., a former executive editor of the Atlanta Journal-Consti­tution, will arrive on the Island and take over the leadership role of the Gazette.

Mr. Walter, 56, was named editor and publisher of the Gazette and its other publications, Martha’s Vineyard Mag­azine and the Best Read Guide, after a search process that began early last fall.