Vineyard Gazette History

First Linotype Machine on the Island

The type from which these lines were printed was cast upon the Gazette’s linotype machine. The operator at the key-board simply struck the keys before her - much like the keys of a type-writer - touched upon a layer at the end of each line, and line by line the article appeared in type, ready to be printed.
For the past seventy-four-years the Gazette has been set each week by hand.

Vineyard Haven Office for The Gazette

The Gazette announces this week the opening of a Vineyard Haven office.
For a great many years this newspaper has carried under the heading on its front page these words: “Devoted to the interests of the six towns on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.”
In short the Gazette has always been an island newspaper, devoted to the interests of Martha’s Vineyard. Now this purpose may be made more real through active representation in Vineyard Haven.
Miss Hope R. Mayhew will represent the Gazette.

To The Public

With this issue of the Gazette the undersigned, after over thirty-two years’ occupancy of its editorial chair, vacates the same, having this week sold the paper and its goodwill to Henry Beetle Hough, a gentlemen, who, by reason of education, training and family tradition, will we believe carry the GAZETTE to a yet wider sphere of influence and to a high prosperity.
On assuming the position in March, 1888, and which we now resign, we did so with the aim to make the paper a welcome weekly visitor in the homes of the Vineyard, and to maintain, if possible, the high sta

To Our Readers

Today the Gazette comes before you under a new management. In assuming the responsibility of publishing the same we feel that we are accepting a public trust, which can be held only so long as we can fill it acceptably to the people of this town and county. This feeling comes to us when we remember how, week after week for many years, the paper has come to your firesides, until the people have learned to look upon it as one of the veteran institutions of the Island, to be sustained and supported accordingly.

Dissolution of Copartnership

The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of KENISTON & JERNEGAN is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All outstanding accounts of the late firm will be settled by Samuel Keniston, its successor.

Keniston & Jernegan

Taking into consideration the benefit that would thereby be conferred upon the patrons of the VINEYARD GAZETTE, we have disposed of the property to Messrs. KENISTON & JERNEGAN, two gentlemen highly qualified for the important trust. The few months we have labored among you have been filled with encouragement, and will be often looked back to as among the brightest in our experience. With heartfelt gratitude, we thank you, friends, one and all, for the helping hand and encouraging word, and hope that the same support will be extended to our successors.

Edgar Marchant Resumes Ownership

Having disposed of the “VINEYARD GAZETTE” established to EDGAR MARCHANT, its former proprietor and founder, we bespeak for him the same cordial support accorded to us during the pleasant five years passed in editorial duties in this office. Mr.

Charles Macreading Vincent

After an unequal contest of more than four years at the editorial chair of the VINEYARD GAZETTE we resign our duties to other hands. We do not drop the pen without regret, for, with the many unpleas­ant issues that arise from such a position, there must be some agreeable associations to which, in all coming time, we shall look back with pleasure, and shall only regret that mingled with these associations there should be some unpleasant memories of the perversity and selfishness of humanity.

The Vineyard Gazette

The seventeenth volume of the Gazette closed with its last issue, and to-day it enters upon a new year with a new editor and proprietor. The undersigned, after seventeen years of constant labor, as editor of the paper, retires, and Mr. James M. Cooms, Jr., a graduate of the office, assumes the entire control of the establishment. I know Mr.


The Gazette Office has been removed to the new building on Main street, situated on the premises lately owned by Hon. I. N. Luce, and adjoining those of Hon. John Vinson.