Vineyard Gazette History

Gazette's New Intertype Replaces Veteran of 15 Years' Service

The Vineyard Gazette installed on Saturday a new Intertype machine—a typesetting machine embodying a great many recent improvements—and this addition to the plant was put into operation for the first time this week. The Intertype replaces the now old fashioned typesetting machine which the Gazette brought to the Island in the early summer of 1920, the first machine of the kind to be Set up on Martha’s Vineyard.

Verses Speak the Island Spirit, Prints Its Charm

Islanders are honored by Jonas Lie, celebrated artist and president of the National Academy of Design, who has written the foreword for a new book of Vineyard poems and prints by Sidney N. Riggs and Joseph C. Allen. The foreword, as written by Mr. Lie, is deeply appreciative of the Vineyard scenery, and refers with understanding to the Island’s sturdy home folks, the theme of the artist and the writer of the book as well.

Mail Away Your Copy of Gazette's First Invitation Edition

This is the first Invitation Edition of the Vineyard Gazette. The purpose is to invite and urge newcomers (and old friends as well) to visit Martha’s Vineyard in 1933. Don’t throw your copy away. Send it to a friend on the mainland, or to someone else who may be interested in a Vineyard vacation. If you wish to save your Gazette, (and many Islanders do preserve their copies), additional papers may obtained, wrapped and ready for mailing, at the Gazette office.

Happy Days Foretold in Gazette's Largest Edition in 87 Years

This issue of the Vineyard Gazette—sixteen pages—is the largest ever printed. Not only is the paper the largest, but the edition will run into numbers far exceeding the total number of papers printed in any previous week. It is not possible as the press run begins to tell definitely the size of the most ambitious edition ever attempted on Martha’s Vineyard, but it will be at least three times as large as any previous edition.

Invitation to Martha's Vineyard

This issue of the Vineyard Gazette is an invitation particularly addressed to all those who have never visited Martha’s Vineyard. They will be welcomed to the Island this year, whether they choose to come for a weekend, for a real vacation, or for the entire season.

Martha's Vineyard's Own Newspaper Vineyard Gazette Will Appear Every Tuesday, Every Friday

Watch For It On the News-Stands!

Beginning with the issue of Thursday, June 25, the Vineyard Gazette will be published twice a week---every Tuesday and every Friday--during the summer season of 1929. This twice-a-week publication will make possible better service to summer readers and the summer advertisers. The improvement is in line with the growing importance of Martha’s Vineyard as a summer resort and will make the Island newspaper a greater factor in Island progress.

Gazette Installs High Speed Press

This issue of the Vineyard Gazette is printed upon a new Duplex flat bed web perfecting press, installation of which was completed this week. The new press is of an advanced type, designed for newspaper printing. It feeds from roll paper of a standard size, prints from type forms upon flat beds, an delivers papers of 4, 6 or 8 pages completely folded in either half or quarter page size ready for mailing. Its running speed under actual working conditions in the Gazette pressroom at somewhat more than 3,000 8 page papers an hour.

New Vineyard Gazette Press Prints from Roll Paper and Type Forms at Speed of 3000 Papers an Hour

This is the way the Vineyard Gazette’s new Duplex flat bed web perfecting press appears in the addition to the Gazette office which was built for it recently: The press rests upon a concrete foundation built to stand 20,000 pounds of dead weight and has a three foot pit under it. The motor driving the press is under the floor in the pit, on the side of the machine which does not show in the illustration.

Gazette Dresses Up and Plans for Expansion by Adding New Linotype

The Gazette has, since last week’s issue appeared, completely changed its clothes. The new type dress, by virtue of the installation of a new linotype machine, is not confined to the text of the paper but extends to headlines and most of the large display type in the advertisements.

Gazette Has New Press, Will Soon Move Office

A new printing press is being installed in a new Gazette office. In a few weeks the Gazette will change its headquarters from the old office at the corner of Main and Water streets to the building on Summer Street, owned by Mrs. Horace Vincent and formerly occupied as a Jewelry Store.