West Tisbury History

The Heart of West Tisbury

By the heart of West Tisbury I do not mean the geographical center of the little town, but the starting-point or points of its social, intellectual, educational, moral and spiritual forces. If you start from the beautiful residence of Squire and Mrs. Everett Allen Davis on the state macadamized road, which is the Main Street of the town, past the Parsonage and the delightful old Whiting manse, past “Brandy-brow” and S. M. Mayhew & Co.’s store, the graceful old church with its steeple and town clock will confront you.

Divided At Last: West Tisbury Celebrates Its Independence

Fireworks, Music, Collation, Speeches, &c, &c.


After several unsuccessful attempts the town of Tisbury is divided. As announced in last week's Gazette the bill to incorporate the third reading in the Senate on Tuesday, 26th ult., and the next morning, on motion of Senator Butler, the rules were suspended and the bill engrossed and sent to the House for concurrence, which was done, the Governor signing the bill Thursday, 28th.

A County Agricultural Society

Allow us to call the attention of your readers to a proposition, emanating from many of our farmers, to join in an effort to form a County Agricultural Society.

Dedication at West Tisbury

As the faithful chronicler of important events affecting the welfare of our Island, you will give space, I know, to a brief notice of an occurrence which took place on the 6th inst. On the morning of Wednesday we broke loose from the seclusion of home, and the pressure of care, and leaving the roar of old ocean behind us, we journeyed across hill and dale amid the luxuriant beams of a genial sun, to the retired but picturesque village of West Tisbury.