Mark Alan Lovewell
The first coyote may have arrived on the Vineyard, probably from the Elizabeth Islands. Naturalists have been saying it for years - the coyote is due to arrive someday.
Mark Alan Lovewell
A coyote, whose carcass was found on the North Shore last weekend, may have swum to the Island from the Elizabeth Islands.


An off-Island animal control officer came to the Vineyard Saturday to talk about coyotes after the predators have been seen several times on the Vineyard this winter.

A live coyote was spotted wandering the woods of Aquinnah this week, caught on a trail camera off Attaquin Way.


A dead Eastern coyote was found washed up on the north shore of the Vineyard this past week, Island wildlife experts confirmed.

Footage of a live Eastern coyote was recorded on a trail camera in Oak Bluffs, close to Goodale’s pit, Island wildlife biologist Gus Ben David confirmed. It marks the third sighting in the last eight months.


Early Wednesday afternoon, Ralph and Cynthia DeFelice saw and photographed a coyote swimming between two of the Elizabeth islands.

A disemboweled deer fawn carcass was found late last week near the Edgartown Water Company station at Wintucket, further confirming the presence of a coyote on Martha’s Vineyard.