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“To be or not to be” - stock or no stock - railroad or no railroad - was the principal question before the community last Saturday, and the town and its “dependencies” (?) turned out en masse to me
Martha's Vineyard Railroad
Edgartown annual town meeting
Oak Bluffs annual town meeting
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Voters easily approved a $3 million project to overhaul Memorial Wharf and agreed to move forward with a controversial project to install electric bus chargers on Church street.
Three hundred and fifty years after the town’s incorporation in 1671, Edgartown voters are set to convene for a historic outdoor town meeting Saturday to match the occasion.
Sean Murphy, the well-known Island attorney and Edgartown town meeting moderator, died Friday night after battling cancer. His death was confirmed Saturday by town administrator James Hagerty.
After shaving down its annual town meeting warrant and budget in 2020, Edgartown selectmen approved much heftier versions of both for 2021, including an article to fund a long-awaited restoration to Memorial Wharf.
With a massive capital project to redo Memorial Wharf on the warrant, Edgartown voted to move its annual and special town meetings to May 22, as well as add a special election to the calendar.


Edgartown voters quickly approved a complex land deal involving the Boys and Girls Club at a historic outdoor annual town meeting.