Construction on the historic home at 114 North Water street halted August 30 when building inspector Reade Milne noticed the house was being demolished far beyond what had been permitted.


Depending on one’s perspective, the Island’s historic district commissions are the last stalwarts fighting to preserve the Vineyard’s eroding character or another bureaucratic hurdle for frustrated homeowners. 

Edgartown officials have halted construction on a North Water street home after discovering the building had been demolished far beyond what the historic district commission had approved.

Since April, the Historic District Committee (HDC) has considered plans for altering the 1912 Mayhew house at 81 South Water street.

After nearly four months of back-and-forth, the Edgartown historic district commission approved a controversial home renovation on South Water street. A pool originally included was scrapped.

A new proposal for the controversial home renovation on South Water street emerged Thursday after previous plans drew neighborhood pushback.