Debate Heats Up Over Edgartown Historic District Expansion

Picking up on efforts that began more than 40 years ago, Edgartown voters will decide next week whether to more than double the size of their historic district, which includes about 250 homes in the heart of the village.

On the Front Porch of History: Old Houses Are Growing Center of Attention

Around the Island, where some towns showcase three centuries of architectural history, historic preservation is a topic for discussion and debate.

Old Mansion on the Move: Renovations Begin on Warren House

A late 18th-century home has been on the move in Edgartown. The historic Warren House, which usually fronts North Water street beside the Edgartown library, has been temporarily relocated as part of a major restoration effort.

Demolition Delayed for Denniston House

The Denniston House will remain standing for now, after a vote by the Oak Bluffs historical commission stalled a request to demolish the former African American church. The commission hopes to negotiate a compromise with the property owner.

Market Planned for Edgartown Pent House

A historic downtown Edgartown property that housed a women’s clothing store for nearly three decades has been sold. The new owners said they plan to open a year-round pedestrian food market there sometime this summer.

Peeling Back Layers of Time at Historic Chilmark Home

At the end of a long dirt road in Chilmark, a huge white tent arches above the meadows at Quansoo Farm. Inside the tent is the historic Mayhew-Hancock-Mitchell House, under renovation since last year.

New Efforts Are Underway to Restore Mayhew Chapel

Today the weight of history is more apparent than ever at the Mayhew Chapel, with its moss-covered roof, peeling white paint and crumbling ceiling. New efforts are underway to restore the chapel, clear out the underbrush in the burial ground and take inventory of the ancient fieldstones that mark the graves.

Legal Fight Ends on Bright Note With Four Affordable Housing Lots in Chilmark

Twelve years in the making, the complicated deal with the town, the land bank and the Howard B. Hillman family will create affordable housing, add conservation land and save a historic home in Chilmark.

Volunteers Breathe New Life Into Mayhew Parsonage

Terry and Marcia Martinson began to move into an old house looking down on the Edgartown harbor this week. Unlike most people who live on the Island waterfront these days, the Martinsons will live there year-round. But taking the whole history of the place into account, their time in the home will be short.

In Chilmark, Concern Shifts From Big Houses to Old Houses

With the much-discussed big-house bylaw now a fact of life in Chilmark, discussion at the town planning board this week turned to preservation of historic houses.

Pamela Goff, who owns a pre-Revolutionary house off Tea Lane, asked the board to consider an amendment to the bylaw approved by voters last year to regulate very large houses. The first-of-its-kind bylaw could have the unintended consequence of actually encouraging people to demolish old houses instead of preserving them, Mrs. Goff said.