Noah Asimow
The towns of Edgartown and Tisbury were born as part of New York Colony, fraternal twins that on Thursday this week celebrated their sesquarcentennial anniversaries.


Edgartown residents voted by a wide margin at their annual town meeting to spend $3 million to buy or take the run-down Yellow House, capping months of discussion over the property.

Edgartown will finally decide whether to take ownership of the run-down Yellow House when voters gather for their annual town meeting Tuesday. A 69-item warrant also features a $34.6 million budget and a range of spending requests.

Eighteen red stools, a 30-foot counter, menu items written on construction paper hanging on the walls, two pots of hot coffee always humming, one ancient register, cash only — the Dock Street Diner is a place where time has stood still. This is a good thing. It’s like stopping for a bite in your own kitchen, but way better. You don’t have to cook or clean up, and the food is home cooked the way grandma did, fast, no fuss, and with just the right amount of tough love.


At night the side streets of Edgartown go dark and quiet. But just a few blocks away on Main street, the beat of late night dining and dancing has reinvigorated the town.

The Edgartown planning board unanimously approved a temporary mobile telephone tower on Chappaquiddick, clearing the way for greatly expanded coverage for AT&T cell phones beginning this summer.

In December Tim Sauer, an Islander who likes to go out metal detecting, found a 1652 pine tree shilling, the oldest coin known to have been found on Martha’s Vineyard.