The forty-foot dragger Viking, which blew up and burned in Menemsha Creek Basin this summer, has been sold by her former owner, M.S. Duarte of Vineyard Haven, to Capt. John Coutinho of the same town. The Viking has been hauled out at the Martha’s Vineyard Shipbuilding Company yards, and will be completely rebuilt. Albert Allen, yard superintendent, and his regular crew, will perform the work. When she is once more in condition, Captain Coutinho will replace his present small fishing boat with the Viking.


The first hint of spring weather drew visitors in considerable numbers to the newly constructed Tashmoo Creek at Vineyard Haven, where the firm Turner and Breivogel is making the waterway which will turn the lower half of Lake Tashmoo into an arm of the sea. Although plans of the creek were drawn before the opening was votes, and these plans have been available to anyone, the appearance of the creek, as it begins to take shape, exceeds by far the popular conception of what it was to be.


The approach of spring is heralded on the Vineyard, as well as at many other points on the coast, by the running of fish. Fish are to be had at any month in the year if one knows how and where to get them, but no movement of a school or body takes place during the winter in the waters near the shore or the land-locked lakes and ponds.