Noah Asimow
AT&T has submitted a plan to the Edgartown conservation commission to tear down two large silos at Katama Farm and replace them with a single silo that would house a cell tower.
Katama Farm
Edgartown conservation commission


Judge Rejects Neighbors' Pleas Over Katama Farm, Supports
Current Usage

Gazette Senior Writer

In a detailed decision that explicitly recognizes the value of a
190-acre, town-owned farm in the Great Plains section of Edgartown, a
superior court judge late last week soundly rejected a request from a
group of neighbors who are trying to shut down Katama Farm.

Complaining that Edgartown officials turned a deaf ear to their appeals to limit operations at Katama Farm, a group of four Katama residents will go to court Tuesday - pleading with a superior court judge to evict the FARM Institute, newest tenant of the town-owned farm.


The fields are still fallow, the silos completely gone to ruin. Operating licenses and permits have long since expired, and nearly a year after the Edgartown Conservation Commission announced it had agreed in principal to lease Katama Farm to entrepreneur David Moore there still is no lease.

And no farming operation at the 190-acre, town-owned farm on the vast, windswept Katama Plains which for years supported an active dairy operation.