Homegrown Hops

If you’re contemplating growing your own hops to produce a signature brew, the Farm Institute offers its Garden to Glass Series.

Trustees of Reservations, Farm Institute Announce Merger

The Farm Institute and The Trustees of Reservations have announced plans to merge by the end of the year, with the Trustees taking the 15-year-old nonprofit teaching farm under its wing, leaders from both organizations told the Gazette Wednesday.

Barn at Katama Farm Will Get a New Roof

The larger of two barns at the town-owned property leased by the Farm Institute has a failed roof and water has been leaking through. This week selectmen awarded a contract for replacing the roof that covers the 8,400-square-foot barn.

Each Seed Has a Story at West Tisbury Seed Library

The seed library, a collaboration between the West Tisbury Library, IGS and the Farm Institute, hosted a seed saving workshop on Sunday where Islanders could learn how to process the seeds of beans, lettuce and tomatoes, as well as donate seeds from their own gardens.

Learning Opportunities Grow at New Farm Institute Greenhouse

Sidney Morris, the former education director at the Farm Institute, was behind the plan for a solar greenhouse at the farm. The greenhouse, which will teach kids and grow food, is scheduled to be completed by Thanksgiving.

New Community Seed Library Launching

West Tisbury Free Public Library, Island Grown Schools and the Farm Institute will launch a new community seed library initiative, to be housed at the West Tisbury library.

Ram on the Lam Finds Temporary Shelter at Katama Farm

A one-year-old ram named Chili has repeatedly torn free from its fencing confines this winter and roamed the plains of Katama. Chili has kept animal control officer Barbara Prada busy — she calls him a Houdini.

A Weekend of Shearing and Shucking

It’s a surf and turf kind of weekend on the Vineyard with not one but three celebrations of field and sea.

Little Lambs

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m., the Farm Institute is looking for help with feeding and weighing the newborn lambs.

Meals in Meadow Raises Funds for Farm Education

Farm Institute campers Juliette Colas and Evan Troost gave tours. Evan stood next to an aerial map of the farm where campers had previously identified plants around the farm, naming clover, oxeye daisies, fleabane and hairy vetch.

“Well that’s actually found right under us,” he said of the purple-flowered cover crop. Juliette pointed out barns, greenhouses and silos with expert commentary.