We learn, from undoubted authority, that contracts have been made this week by E. P. Carpenter, president of the Oak Bluffs Land & Wharf Co., for a Chapel and first class cottages to the amount of over forty thousand dollars.
Mr. Butts, the well-known paver of New Bedford, is engaged in paving a dry walk from Oak Bluffs wharf to Cleavland & Bradley’s store.
Messrs. White Brothers have a contract for concrete walks on the Bluffs, and will commence work on the first of April.
A plank walk will be built from the wharf to the bath-houses on the edge of the Bluffs. Mr. Edward R. Dunham has taken the contract for this job.
A pagoda will be erected in the centre of the walk, with a basement for the sale of refreshments. A beautiful view of the Sound can be had from this building.
Ocean Park will be inclosed by a neat and substantial fence. These improvements will be made at once, and will probably be finished by the first of July.
The proprietors of this corporation are wide-awake and evidently mean to render their grounds attractive. These new enterprises cannot fail to greatly increase the popularity of this favorite summer resort.