The plank walk along the edge of the Bluff has been extended 2600 feet from the wharf. About 250 yards south of the wharf the restaurant and pagoda or pavilion is to be built. Workmen are now engaged in excavating a place for the lower story. The pagoda will be large, octagonal in form, with glass sides, arranged so as to be raised or lowered. In the pagoda, through which the plank walk will run, will be seats and tables where the visitors may eat ice cream, and articles of light diet, or have a substantial meal. 200 yards further south, a bath arbor will be erected 33 by 22 feet. This is designed for the use of the public generally.
The new chapel on Chapel Hill, has been raised, and when complete, with the spire reaching an altitude of 96 feet, will overtop everything upon the grounds around. It will be a novel structure, and will seat about 800 persons. It will cost about $12,000.
A large number of cottages, several hotels, and stores have been built. The year is one of prosperity to the Bluffs.
Messrs. Bullock & Brownell, the popular hosts of the Parker House, New Bedford, have leased the Island House, and will soon be ready to receive their friends. It is unnecessary to speak a word in praise of these gentlemen. They know how to “keep a hotel,” and their success is certain.
Away down by the old scow landing, several cottages are being built.