A national bank building, which, so far as its architectural design goes, is unique among banks, is that just opened in Vineyard Haven as the home of the Martha’s Vineyard National Bank. This institution, started in Edgartown 50 years ago, has enjoyed a prosperous existence up to the present time.
Recently a movement was started to change the location of the bank to Vineyard Haven, and it was effected largely through the acquiring of the necessary stock by William Barry Owen, the millionaire graphophone magnate, who for several years was at the head of an immense company in London, and who a short while ago returned to Vineyard Haven, his native town, to live.
A new national bank, “The Edgartown National,” was immediately organized and chartered at Edgartown, and is now doing business, occupying the building vacated by The Martha’s Vineyard National.
The new bank building at Vineyard Haven, just completed, was designed by J. W. Beals of Boston, and is built of field stone, in the form of a Greek cross. The front part comprises the customers’ room and the working part of the bank; the right wing, the ladies’ waiting room; and the rear part, the directors’ room, overlooking Vineyard Haven harbor. The vault is made of trap rock and cement, around steel bars and screen, lined with plates and steel. There are 99 safe deposit boxes of various sizes.
The officers of the bank are: President, John E. White; directors, William Barry Owen, William G. Manter, Thomas D. Crowell, E. W. Chadwick and John E. White; cashier, William W. Boardman.