Hearing on Historic House Demolition Is Postponed

A public hearing before the Martha’s Vineyard Commission on a plan to demolish a historic hilltop house on Chappaquiddick has been postponed.

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The Early Days of the Chapel on the Bluffs
The story of the building of Union Chapel just 100 years ago was told in the Invitation edition of the Gazette. Never in recorded history has there been so much change during a century as has occurred during the existence of this chapel.
During the eventful year of 1871 there had been bi-centennial celebrations for both Edgartown and Tisbury, a new post office had been established on the Methodist camp ground, and a new steamboat - the first Martha’s Vineyard - plied the sounds. Also, in that year, the Vineyard Gazette celebrated its first quarter century.
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Mattakeset Lodge
The Vineyard Gazette

I have returned, myself and one or two more of us, as well as a number of others who are not “of us.” The first thing of course, on arriving, was to secure a good room, and I rather plume myself on having gotten one of the best in the hotel, of which, by the way, I will attempt a brief description. The building is situated on the bluff at the head of the landing, and is about 125 feet front in the whole.

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Oak Bluffs Town Column: April 12
Skip Finley

A remarkable picture of Beach Road (circa 1900) placed on Facebook by Martha’s Vineyard Antique Photos sparked a discussion among Shelley Christiansen, Tom Dunlop, Sam Low and others about erosion at End of the Wall beach in Oak Bluffs. The loss is even more deceptive given the absence of surf on Nantucket Sound and startling because even average northeasters close the road at the culvert we used to call first bridge, once a crabbing spot.

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