The New Victory Gardens: Vineyarders Turn to the Soil

My faith in humanity is buoyed by you smart Vineyarders.Your reaction to sheltering in place? Gardening.

The Setting of the Sun

I must say last Monday produced some memorable weather. Above the water, the sky was foreboding and downright scary.

Closing Up Shop

I don’t know why last week’s freeze came as a surprise to me. It is the end of October afterall.

Heavenly Blues

I cannot believe our good fortune here on the Vineyard. Floods, fires, hurricanes all around and yet we have been spared.

Grow Big

If you dream of having a big vegetable garden someday, look to David Fielder's West Tisbury garden for tips and inspiration.

Small in Stature, Huge in Spirit: the Bonsai Club

Every third Tuesday of the month, the Martha's Vineyard Bonsai Club, a group as varied and ageless as the tiny junipers, jades and jasmines in their possession, gathers.

A Mysterious Journey

This past week, I noticed several Monarch butterflies fluttering around their bright orange flowers.

Seasonal Bounty

I’m a big fan of the Weather Channel.

Hot Times

I have an F-150 from the eighties with no air conditioner. It is less than pleasant sitting in traffic.

Mother and Child

When I was a little girl and we had a stretch of hot, humid weather at the end of August, we were forbidden to play outdoors.